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As most of you know, The Tower of Druaga is a very successful anime. And now, some years later we are able to play an MMO based on the wonderful TV animation series by GONZO.

Tower of Druaga: Recovery of Babylim offers its player a unique adventure with a decent storyline and an amazing scenery. The game's graphics are pretty disappointing, however. Furthermore, the gameplay is really slow at lower levels, which makes it a pain to advance. It is just unbelievable how many Japanese kids are actually playing it.
It is basically a generic, boring and repetitive MMO with some unique aspects.

Here is a fast-forwarded clip of the game which shows how incredibly tedious it is..

Here are some screenshots taken by me~

I would recommend you to stay away from this game. The chances of an English release are lower than 1%. Nobody wants to invest in something like this!

Posted by: Moa 2010/06/13


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