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Questions by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa)
Answered by Young Kwon Chung, Marketing Manager at Lizard Interactive

Sho Online, a MMORPG by Lizard Interactive, is a purely Chinese-oriented game. Everything, from its storyline to combat and PvP, is based on the Chinese tale 'Fengshen Yangyi'.
Sho Online is pretty much end-game based. The PvP battles in the many different maps prove this; there is a constant war being waged between the two factions, Yin and Zhou. Players of one faction will have a hard time when entering the maps of the other faction and vice versa. To take part in this timeless battle is the dream of many new players, but sadly it takes quite a while to get there.

During the Closed Beta, players were given the opportunity to fight against each other as all existing characters were boosted to the max level. Being a part of this battle made me realize how realistic the game is and it has kept my interest since then. We here at OnRPG, were given the opportunity to talk to the marketing manager of Lizard Interactive and present our questions..

Read the interview here.

Posted by: Moa 2010/03/08


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