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It just wouldn't be new content without a new dungeon to go crawling around in. In the spirit of classic dungeon fare, with a MegaTen twist, you will travel deep into Kuchinawa Cave a brand new open dungeon where solo players and parties can enter at the same time.

Kuchinawa Cave has several new bosses to battle! Some of which can only be found if you complete tasks as a team .
*Hint, those plasmas are glowing pretty brightly!*

These bosses are no push overs will have to bring your A game to defeat them, and a party of willing victims..err....volunteers to help, even then, Kuchinawa Cave features one of the toughest boss fights in the game...Yamatano-Orochi!!!

Kuchinawa Cave also features alignment-based Benefits/Penalties: LAW players may be cursed by the Gaian Monks; however, they may be able to spawn special bosses at the same time. CHAOS players may find drop items that will boost their stats against LAW players and demons.

Your rewards for your efforts will be great but special among them is the chance to obtain a New Plug-In: Qing-Long! Get a plug-in to unleash this powerful new demon on your foes.
Kuchinawa Cave also has content ONLY high level characters can venture to explore. This is good as now players will also receive a HIGHER LEVEL CAP!!! Are you a level 93 or shooting for it....everyone knows the cool kids are going to be hanging out at level 97. But this will be no easy feat so what are you waiting for?

Even more events and content!

  • But that's not everything that March has got to offer to the Megaten players!
  • Open HIGH lvl Dungeon & new bosses to battle! "Yamatano-Orochi" is HERE!
  • Alignment-based special loot or bosses!
  • New Plug-Ins available like Qing-Long
  • Tons of New Demon Fusion combinations (Morrigan, Nue, Titan, Loa & many MORE!)
  • NEW green Arch Wings and other St. Patty's Day-themed items!
  • Level Cap Increase to 97!
And last, but definitely not least: A new series of Bad Acts! Check the Official Events section on the forums for more information!

PS: You might want to check your mail. Aeria has given all its players some nice gifts.

Posted by: Moa 2010/03/13


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