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What is Megaten?
Megaten, better known as Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online, is a modern MMORPG with an amazing storyline and some interesting features.
Most of you are already familiar with this game, so I will not an incredibly long review or anything like that. Let's check the features!

List of features
Basic ones: Black
My favorites: Bold

PvP - Two groups battle against each other in a special PvP map.
Demon system - Capture over 150 different demons in-game and travel with them!
Demon Fusion - Fuse two of your demons to create a new, stronger one!
Demon Triple Fusion - Fuse three demons (with your party members) to create special demons!
Dungeons - Travel through a countless amount of dungeons together with your friends!
Bosses - Tons of challenging bosses with amazing drops!
Mounts - Mount various demons to travel even faster!
Motorbikes - Rent a motorbike and off you go!
Expertises - No boring skill trees, but expertises! You make a difference!
Storyline - An amazing storyline. Please keep in mind that the storyline is not finished yet.
Alchemy - Mix items to get even better ones!
Clans - Join a clan and interact with tons of players around the world!
Enchant system - Enchant your slotted weapons to become even stronger!
Allignments - Choose your favorite allignment!
Demon friend quests - Get challenging quests from your own demons!
Code names - Finish Demon Quests to get amazing Code Names!

And much more!

Not impressed yet? Check out this huge list of dungeons!

Normal ones: Black
My favorites: Bold

Suginami Bronze - Easiest dungeon in-game. Level 1-10.
Suginami Silver - Fun dungeon to run through once or twice. Level 15-25.
Suginami Gold - Amazing dungeon with loads of exp which can be entered after Act 7. Level 50+ party recommended.
Ichigaya bronze - Fun dungeon, cool demons to capture. Level 20-30.
Ichigaya silver - Interesting dungeon with decent exp. Level 25-40.
Ichigaya gold - One of the hardest dungeons. Can be entered after Act 7. Level 50+ party recommended!
Celu bronze - Fun, quick dungeon with nice exp. Level 15-25.
Celu silver - Decent dungeon, but nothing really special. Level 20-35.
Celu gold - New dungeon. Pretty amazing, but HARD. Level 50+ party recommended.
Zhu Que Caverns - Amazing and interesting. One of the best dungeons in-game. Level 30+
Catacombs - Hard dungeon. A party would be recommended. Level 30+

And many more!

There are three allignments in-game: Law, Neutral and Chaos.
All demons belong to a certain allignment.
Your actions throughout your acts determine your allignment.

The game offers you a huge amount of 'expertises'. These are some kind of skills with their OWN skill tree.
You can train them by using the skills/items that fit them.
Please keep in mind that you have a max amount of expertise points!
You can find a list of all expertises here:

Chain Expertises
The Chain Expertise are gained by leveling certain normal ones, and their powers are based on their component Techniques and Knowledges.
They grant access to special styles of ability not normally available.
Chain expertise points do not contribute points to your characters limited learning capacity.

Synthesis - A Production Expertise Skill for changing demons into crystals and for fusing equipment.
Demolition Dash - A Battle Expertise Skill for staging an assault while enveloped in destructive magical energy.
Curse of the Wretched - A Battle Expertise Skill for controlling curse magic over a wide area for indirect assistance in battle.
Enhancement - A Battle Expertise Skill for controlling recovery and support magic over a wide area to assist one's allies.
Magic Bullet - A Battle Expertise Skill for endowing gunshots with curse magic and elemental abilities.
Sharpshooter - A Battle Expertise Skill for enhancing the damage guns do against certain demon species.
Retaliation - A Battle Expertise Skill for enhancing the damage certain weapons do with appropriate disadvantages.
Swordsmith - A Production Expertise Skill for making close-range arms following acquired "recipes".
Arms Maker - A Production Expertise Skill for making guns following acquired "recipes".

Well, that's pretty much all I can tell you for now.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Megaten's 1year anniversary event started a week ago.
Check Megaten's site for more information!
Well, it's pretty obvious. JOIN ME!

For more information about the game:
Megaten's homepage can be found here:
Downloads can be found here: OnRPG's mirror is one of the fastest!
You can register here:

What are you waiting for? JOIN ME!


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