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Hey guys, here's a registration&download guide for Koongya Adventure Online!

1. Go to:
2. (If there is an intro page) Click on 'Start'
3. You will arrive at the homepage.
4. Click on ''Join Member''. If you can't find it, just follow this link to the registration page:

5. See screenshot. 

(Click on the picture to make it bigger)

About the ID:
You will need a REAL  Taiwanese ID. If you don't know how to get them, contact Michelle (Click here) OR Minajkl (Click here).  They will be able to help you. If they were not able to help you, google around and try to find some real information. I will not be able to provide some for you because it is ILLEGAL to give others a Taiwanese ID. This can be seen as Identity Theft.

About the phone number:

For phone numbers all you do is copy the numbers when you hover over it the one above the cell phone just plug in 4 digits after what the number says. 022948XXXX is what it says. Just change those 4 X's by random numbers. Keep trying different ones until it works.

6. After clicking on that button, there might be some other pages. Just keep clicking on the left buttons at the bottom XD
7. You have registered!


1. Click on 'Downoad&Update' on the main page.
2. See screenshot.

Tip: The two downloads on the second row were the fastest for me. The 6 at the top are torrents, btw.

3. Have fun waiting! I'll see you in-game!
4. Please make sure to run the .exe as an administrator (on W7/Vista)!

If you have any questions, add us on Xfire/MSN!

My msn:
My Xfire: MageMoa
Minajkl's Xfire: mincro
matiasdk's Xfire: maatdk


Posted by: Moa 2010/01/02


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