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Hey all!

I am so glad that Cinderboy mentioned this amazing MMORPG on this wonderful blog . Koongya Adventure Online has this cute, but smooth feeling. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay seems very unique. I wish I was able to try the game, but the KSSN doesn't let me. The Taiwanese server is an option, but it is very confusing, so I will keep you informed.
Oh well, I am still going to show you guys some aspects of the game so you can be prepared for its (unannounced) English release!

First of all, the classes. The game offers you three classes; Chef, Sportsman and Magician.

The Chef class is pretty amazing. It is a melee/buff character and his weapon is a ..... FRYING PAN!  The class is similar to Lunia's Lime. Cute, melee attacks and he can cook for his party members!
Picture taken from the Taiwanese website

The Sportsman class is the long-range class of the game. He uses balls (soccer balls, rugby balls, base balls etc..) to attack his opponents. It is extremely cute and funny to see your char throwing a ball to a monster <3

Picture taken from the Taiwanese website

The Magician class is the least unique of the three. It is a basic mage class with magic AoE (Area of Effect) spells and low def/HP.

Picture taken from the Taiwanese website.

I'm pretty sure that many of you are very excited about this game, but that you are a bit disappointed because of the limited classes. Well, good news! You can actually change your appearance in-game by using certain items or doing certain quests. Let me show you one of the transformations;

This is an angle/paladin-like transformation. I'm not sure whether it's permanent or not. (Click on the picture)

More transformation pictures can be found here

The game seems similar to an instanced version of Maplestory, basically just like Dragonica, with extremely cute characters with beautiful graphics and an amusing gameplay.

The game can also be played with a joystick, which increases the fun!

Here is a nice video of the gameplay, made by MMOHut.

I can't wait!
If you are from Korea or Taiwan or if you just want to try the game, take a look at the foreign versions:

Korean Version

Taiwanese Version  (No KSSN required! Just register, download and play!)

Here are some videos and screenshots of the game~

That was it for today, be sure to check my other posts!


Posted by: Moa 2009/12/13

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  2. The characters you play as look like deranged Kirbys.


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