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I'm sure you all used to watch Pokémon when you were younger, or maybe you still watch this amazing anime from time to time. Have you ever wanted to know what would happen if two different Pokémon would be able to breed? What would the baby of an Eevee and a Psyduck look like and what powers would it have? MixMaster is a MMORPG by SeedC Inc. which pretty much resembles Pokémon. 
It is based on the Japanese/Korean anime series "Mixmaster". The anime is about a boy who gets a mix machine and has to mix evil creatures to bring peace to the world. The same task is given to players in the MMORPG. You will have the opportunity to capture tons of creatures and mix them to make them more and more powerful! What are you waiting for? You gotta mix 'em all!

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Posted by: Moa 2010/08/07

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  1. Mikedot Says:
  2. I remember this one.

    Nice to hear that it's still going.


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