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Written by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), OnRPG journalist.

Love at first sight is definitely not the way I felt when I tried Battle of the Immortals on the Chinese servers. The website was pretty basic and the game seemed so effortless; the classes were common and there was hardly any customization when creating a character. It was definitely not something I would have expected from Perfect World Entertainment, the creators of Perfect World and the upcoming game Forsaken World.

Even when I created a character and entered the game I did not feel very enthusiastic. However, after finishing a few quests and leveling a few times, I noticed that I was actually enjoying the game. I looked forward to an English release, which arrived in the second quarter of 2010. Giving me pre-access to the game was a very generous gift of Perfect World Entertainment, which made it even easier for me to test the English version of the game for you!

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Posted by: Moa 2010/07/15


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