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Hey guys!

Perfect World Entertainment gave me the opportunity to test the English version of Battle of Immortals before anyone else. This was pretty awesome and I was able to test most of the features before anyone else! I had already played the Chinese version for a while, but this was much easier!

The servers open in a few hours to everyone who has a Closed Beta key. PWE allowed me to post my pictures so you guys could have a quick look at the first 20 levels. Sorry for not posting more.

Click on the pictures to see the full screenshot.

One of the first mobs in-game. The koala is my pet.

Fighting with a mob~

The place you are teleported to when you die.

Fighting with a boss.
My character and pet.

Fighting with a field boss.

Set item. Yaay~

Awesome boss <3

Chapter 1!!

Just a random shot.

Massive Magus XP skill

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. Would you like to play the game? The Closed Beta starts in a few hours.



Posted by: Moa 2010/04/13

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  1. Pduck Says:
  2. OH SNAP A KOALA? I'm all over this.


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