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LOCO, Land of Chaos Online seems to be one of the biggest hits in Korea. This game is a mix of RTS, FPS and RPG, and a successful mix (see videos). As some of you may know, the game will be published in South East Asia by Winner Online. For more information about this, please check cinderboy's blog here.

Anyways, enough about the SEA version. The European version of the game will be hosted by Alaplaya. Its release is planned in Q2/Q3 of 2010, according to the press. I'm not sure how much we can trust that, but we can be sure that it'll be released soon...
The reason I'm bringing this game up is that there seems to be no confirmed North American release. The reason for this? No clue, but the North American fans aren't very happy about it.

Some of you might be googling the game while reading this because of the weak advertising skills of Alaplaya, but don't worry! Here's some information about the game in a nutshell:

The Gameplay


That looks amazing, I'll have to agree with that, but it seems as if the Korean company wants to impress us with photoshopped pictures. I would do the same, but it's a bit over the top. Here are some REAL in-game screenshots.

Oh, and here some nice shots of the available characters. All current characters have a total of 10 skills. Players can pick five of those for an extraordinary gameplay. I can't say much more about this, since it is all very unclear and I'm not able to test the game myself due to its KSSN requirement.
Anyways, the characters and skills:

Thank you MMOsite and Alaplaya for the screenshots and information!
So, South East Asians and Europeans: Prepare yourself for one of the most amazing MMOs!

This was Moa with the latest news <3

Posted by: Moa 2010/02/20


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