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Hey all!

Now, I know that this game has been around for over two years (in Japan), but I still want to tell you guys something about this amazing MMORPG.
The game was released in 2007 in Japan. The developer (and publisher) was/is Gamepot.
MFO/MRO is an MMO version of the Monster Rancher games. These games were pretty cool, but nothing special. A 3D MMO version with more RPG elements was what we all had been waiting for~

Monster Farm/Monster Rancher Online is amazing. The inspiration of the game, the console games, are wonderfully put together in this MMO. You start off in a colorful world with beautiful graphics and you are being told to set off and explore the world.
In Monster Farm/Monster Rancher Online you will have to battle tons of amazing looking monsters, but you are not alone! The whole concept of the game is to breed, capture and train your own monsters! There are so many different types of monsters and it is really awesome to sit in town and watch all the unique monsters hop away!

(Click on the picture to see the non-resized screenshot)

The combat is mostly about your demon. He is the one that tanks and does damage. You can support him and heal him, but he is the one that does the job, which is a very unique way of battling opponents and we have never seen it before. There are games where your pets tank for you or simply fight together with you, but this is the one and only game I know in which your monster fights more than you do. Having this type of combat may be a little bit disappointing for players who like to fight with the character they made.
Combat and amazing pets are not the only things that this game offers. You can harvest your own crops, you can build your own little garden, you can craft various things and much more! Is there anything else we need to ask for?


Community: 9.5    -->  Great and helpful community. I hope we will be able to say the same from the upcoming English release.
Gameplay: 8      --> Great gameplay, many features, awesome pet system, decent combat.
Graphics:  9.5          --> Very smooth and cartoony. It could have been a little better, though.
Presentation: 9     --> Very good support system, little to no bugs, no big flaws. The only downside is the IP block.


We are all looking forward to see an English release and I will inform you whenever I have more information about it.

Here are some videos and screenshots of the game:

Character creation:


The site for the (Japanese) people who would like to try the game:

Thank you for reading!


Posted by: Moa 2009/12/28


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