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In this new and modern world, gaming has become a noble hobby which you cannot avoid. It is something we all must have experienced at least once in our life. Massive Multiplayer Online games have taken gaming to a next level. People are willing to ruin their social life and marry with an unknown player. Others spend their whole income to customize their character. Some people don’t even eat when they are not able to play their precious game. But there is more than that. You would expect that these extreme gamers are the lowest level of every MMO, but that’s not true… Each MMO has its own storyline. These storylines are mostly filled with unique and amusing characters, but there are some exceptions. I’d like to warn you before reading the next part of this article. It may contain some irritating characters which might ruin your love for MMOs and which might lead to a visit to the therapist.

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Posted by: Moa 2009/12/12


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