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Final Fantasy XIV, a game we are all waiting for, seems to get more and more fans by the day!
Now, I have noticed that some of you are not familiar with the races of FFXIV, so here they are:

FFXIV:                           FFXI:                      What are they?

Elezen                              Elvaan                       Elves
Lalafell                             TaruTaru                   Small, cute gnomes/dwarves
Hyur                                Hume                        Humans
Roegadyn                        Galka                        Hairy giants
Miqo'te                            Mithra                       Women with cat ears

Left top: Hyur
Right top: Lalafell
Left bottom: Roegadyn
Middle bottom: Elezen
Right bottom: Miqo'te

I have to say that it is quite disappointing that we do not see any new races in FFXIV, but it is still awesome to see all these familiar races again.

Anyways, here are, as promised, some FFXIV screenshots!

Last, but not least; An actual in-game shot! (Specs are on low/med)

Special thanks to Hyarume (Jeffrey Kerkdijk) for the first three screenshots!
Be sure to check Hyarume's exclusive information about FFXIV here!!!

The game will be available for PS3, PC and (probably) Xbox360.
The available languages will be: English, German, French and Japanese.

Do you want more information about the game or do you want to sign up? Click here!
PS: You can already apply for the upcoming beta!

Square Enix' Support Center can be found here.

That was it for today, cya all!

Posted by: Moa 2009/12/19


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