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Dragonica is a game created by Barunson and it is currently being hosted in several versions. Dragonica Online is different from most MMORPGs. It is a 3D side scrolling MMORPG which offers its players to walk in a 2.5 dimensional world with their 3D characters. The game offers us loads of classes, unique features and amazing graphics. We can easily call Dragonica a game of the newest generation.
After a great preview client, which was only available to the press, gPotato, the European host of Dragonica, decided to launch a Closed Beta and shortly after that an Open Beta. Onrpg had the chance to ask one of their producers a few questions about the game and its future. The questions were publicly chosen by the Onrpg community and myself. Please be aware of the fact that there was a delay between the moment the questions were sent and the moment they were sent back.

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Posted by: Moa 2009/12/13


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